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Music - especially that from the late 70s and early 80s - has been something of a passion of mine as friends will attest when they start to tire of my analysis of Arif Mardin's signature production style of the legendary Jeff Porcaro's idiosyncratic drum riffs. 

To spare them this verbal breakdown of some of pop/rock music's best albums I have written a number of views to pay homage to the good, the bad and the even worse. In this new section I have done away with the Sunday Record Club which now seems clunky and very user unfriendly... so 2012. 

Here I have collated a short synopsis of my album reviews in chronological order which will link to standalone  pages where you can enjoy each at your leisure without the need for continuous scrolling down expansive tracts of text

I will warn that I am a generous marker and prone to hyperbole so take everything read her with a small pinch of salt! 

The reviews

Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin (1975): It feels rather cliched to write a review of a Led Zeppelin album as I feel I am retracing a well trodden path... read more

Jaco - Jaco Pastorius (1976)Let me quickly highlight that this album will not be for everyone, as fusion jazz at the best of times is a pretty niche area of music... read more

Jazz - Ry Cooder (1978)A fantastic collection for any Jazz novice, it is packed with a beautifully played selection of standards... read more

Christopher Cross - Christopher Cross (1979)If there was any album that defined a genre then it was Christopher Cross's chart topping, quintuple platinum debut album... read more

Cat in the hat - Bobby Caldwell (1980)Cat in the Hat is the sophomore album from the smooth jazz/blue eyed soul songster Bobby Caldwell... read more

Give me the night - George Benson (1980)What can you say about an album that ticks all the right boxes for all the wrong reasons?... read more

Heartattack and Vine - Tom Waits (1980): From the opening of this album you are hit with the sleaziest of riffs, dug from the depths and denizens of a seedy LA Hell... read more

Take my time - Sheena Easton (1980)1980 was an important turning point in music in which the UK really got to grips with the growing interesting in new wave and electronic music... read more

Permanent Waves - Rush (1980)As soon as you hear the distorted guitar intro to ‘Spirit of Radio’ and the drum collapse of the legendary Neil Peart you know you have made the right choice with this record... read more

Glorious Fool - John Martyn (1981)By the time I went to university Martyn had become a bit of an artistic stick to beat my more indie friends... read more

Toto IV - Toto (1982): ‘Oh no’ someone groaned at a party I once hosted, ‘he’s going to put Toto on again’ as I racked up the tunes for the riotous night ahead... read more

Crazy from the heat - Dave Lee Roth (1984): Bombastic, wild and outspoken, David Lee Roth was also a megastar of the hair metal scene and a darling of the then world- conquering MTV... read more

Riptide - Robert Palmer (1985): If there was ever an album which defined yuppie-dom it is this one... read more

No Jacket Required - Phil Collins (1985): One of my favourite albums in the world, No Jacket Required contains some of the most enjoyable tunes that I have had the great pleasure to listen to in my time... read more

The Confessor - Joe Walsh (1985)Whilst the Confessor is by no means Walsh's finer efforts it is not as bad as the critics would have you believe... read more

Cupid & Psyche '85 - Scritti Politti (1985)this is a dynamite record, especially since it is one predominantly recorded on a synthesizer - albeit a very state-of-the-art one... read more

Invisible Touch - Genesis (1986): What makes Genesis a great band? And more importantly what makes a guilty pleasure a guilty pleasure?... read more

August - Eric Clapton (1986)It was back to the drawing boards and, like many other artists from the 70s he decided to embrace the technology and rhythms of the 80s pop scene... read more 

Graceland - Paul Simon (1986)Every now and then you get a concept album on which everything pulls together and creates a magical musical experience... read more

So - Peter Gabriel (1986): Some songs really capture the imagination and Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer is definitely one of them, it truly is an inspired piece of music, easily one of the best of the 80s... read more

Three hearts in the happy ending machine - Daryl Hall (1986)a rather bizarre, synthesiser/drum machine drenched effort but an enjoyable one at that... read more

Raintown - Deacon Blue (1987): 1987 was a great time for many things including the birth of yours truly in that turbulent and blustery November, however a vintage year for music it was not... read more

Nearly Human - Todd Rundgren (1989)If you can look past the sometimes overbearing arrangements and production you find vulnerable lyrics, strong vocals and brilliant playing... read more

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