Monday, 29 November 2010


Dear Readers,

Welcome one and all to my new blog. For those of you who know me well then this will hardly come as a surprise! The title of the blog is taken from the working title of the Cookery book that I am now writing and, as I want my book to sell to a wide demographic then it is unlikely that I will  be able to use this witty but limiting title!

The object of this blog is to serve as an outlet for mine and others creative juices revolving around the premise of the once great amateur spirit that Britain was so renowned for. In an age where dumbing down and political correctness seems to plague the nation this blog will celebrate both the fashionable and the unfashionable alike and hopefully serve as a guide for all in how to be a bloody good chap.

I hope that this will develop into something bigger but in the meantime please let me know what you might like to see posted or ways in which I can improve the blog once it gets started. I look forward to offering some daily pearls of wisdom and as such I hope you enjoy receiving them.



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