Thursday, 6 January 2011

Something to visit from the comfort of your desk! (an irrelevant taster for this afternoon's post)

I am a real sucker for the internet and can spend hours immersed in youtube, BBC Iplayer, Wikipedia and google search everything from Chanterney Carrots to the famous Interceptor used in the original Mad Max film! The world of possibilities is endless and it keeps growing day after day as people feel the need to share their useless information with the rest of the world... take this blog for example!

Doing a bit of culinary research and networking for my cookery book, I was rather surprised to come across this most bizarre website which celebrates delights, of all things, in a cornucopia of burnt food. I'm not sure whether this idea was a result of madcap genius, boredom or utter insanity but in some sort of perverse way it makes quite an entertaining distraction from the doldrums of a day at work (whether at home or in the office).

Marvel at the burnt tortillas, potatoes and lemons to name a few exhibits! it has received press from the Food Network and ABC to name but a few American media outlets that have covered this original idea. The museum is curated by the flamboyant Deborah Henson-Conant a Harpist who's musical style is describe in her biography as 'cross-genre, Blues-Flamenco-Celtic-Funk-Folk-Jazz dynamo'. whilst the museum is obviously a sideline to her career as a musician it makes a welcome and highly humorous edition to the plethora of amusing distractions to be found on the World Wide Web.

If you are suitably interested you might like to check out the museum for yourself at:

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