Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mid Week Post: Great Moons of Spot!

No dear readers this is not a post about that popular children's television character and purveyor of novelty vitamin pills Super Ted, but rather the groundings of a sartorial tip that I hope many of you fine gentlemen (and indeed ladies) who read this blog will take away with them and contemplate for the next time you don a suit or indeed any fine sports jacket. 

Let me first begin by outlining my problem, indeed it is more an affliction, for I am a terrible tie snob. I see countless people walking up and down the streets, see professionals and pundits, politicians and personalities - people at the tops of their games but indeed, you wouldn't think it from the hideous, garish and appallingly loud ties that so many of them wear. There I said it! and I am sure I will be struck down for such terrible nose-upturnery. Yet such sartorial mistakes are so easily remedied through some simple purchases at your local gentleman outfitters or even tie-rack. 

The range of hideous ties is greater than ever and you can walk into a shop on Jermyn Street only to be dazzled and dizzied by the arrays of purples, oranges, bright green and even chocolate browns (ugh!) - The plain truth is that I've never been a 1970s cop nor a 21st Century newsreader (nor indeed do I have the desire to be either one). In people's quest to stand out more, be as they see it 'exciting' (perhaps to disguise the fact they might not be that exciting), They have forsaken some of the classic designs,  Of course I am referring to the sartorial elegance of a spotty tie. 

Sadly I feel that this particular design, for all its style, audacity and pazazz will be ever associated with yuppies wear white collars and cuffs! The look of a tastefully made, printed silk, red tie with navy blue spots, a blue and white stripped shirt and a well cut birdseye suit is a sight to behold. Indeed a blue tie with white spots looks very sophisticated against the sensibility of a light pink gingham shirt and a charcoal grey suit. The list goes on  and what makes it even better is that such spotty ties can be picked up from many companies for a very reasonable price. If I ever find myself lucky to go travelling I stock up on a few when passing the tie rack at the airport (which has always been (or felt) much cheaper than those in central london). 

Now before readers start declaring blue murder and accusing me of fashion fascism, let me add that I have made many fashion errors in my time, for goodness sake, I have a pair of cadbury's purple trousers… amusing but pretty vulgar! They caused me to be the butt of many a quip from my colleagues when I wore them into the office one day last year. So I am no authority on fashion or trends but I do know a good tie when I see one and I am afraid that most are pretty hideous, so let's bring back the understated but audacious spotty tie and return to an era where to wear a tie gave one a sleek executive feel (a compliment to a who outfit) rather than a domineering statement which overtakes the whole show! 

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  1. I think your article is "spot on"