Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sketches from a Cigar Smoker’s Album #4: Stoptober special!

Aargh! what possessed me to embark on this course of action? a challenge to myself? a concern for my health? I don’t know, but undertaking this month of abstinence has opened my eyes to how addictive tobacco is. I only smoke 1-2 cigars a week but I am certainly missing them, my Saturday morning coffees or my Sunday evening pint is not quite the same without those sticks of Cuban-leaved goodness. 

What makes this all the more annoying is that I decided to purchase a number of cigars from Amsterdam when I visited a two weeks ago. They are currently sitting in my humidor or in their protective wrapping, taunting me and tempting me. However, I refuse to give in, call it obstinacy if you will, besides it is only for a month by which time it will be my birthday and I will be treating myself to some fine smokes. Surely I have enough willpower to carry me through? not that there haven’t been moments where I have almost relented to joys of a fine Scotch and the cascade of thick smoke (I started a week earlier in September to see if I could realistically last the whole of Stoptober). 

I have not officially joined the campaign (as I don’t think I need the motivational bumph)  but I do hope - if indeed you are a regular ciggie smoker - that you give it a go, think of it like Movember but less fun, without the moustache and the special deal at Byron Burger! I’m not one to be preachy but I think that this campaign has struck just the right tone and is well worth trying out more as a short term personal challenge rather than a long term solution - like a sponsored Scrabble marathon. However, who am I to talk? - I hear my tobacco chomping audience cry out - as I fear I don’t really smoke to a level where a month free would be much of a problem, despite my carpings above. You make up your own minds. 

Anyway if you feel game, give it a try and let me know how it goes! the site address is and, even if you don’t decide that it’s for you, it’s worth taking a look. Oh and this means that there won’t be another series of sketches until November! 

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